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River Streams

Welcome to the River Streams podcast, coming from The River Fellowship in Langley, British Columbia, Canada.

Apr 24, 2017

by Heidi Hughes

• (Philippians 2:1-11, Luke 22:24-27) As we humble ourselves and serve, in intimacy with the Father, we become like Jesus and find rest.


Apr 17, 2017

by Paul Hughes

• (Isaiah 43:16-19, John 3:5-8) Because God raised Jesus from the dead, newness is possible for those who believe. This is not just a one time event, but is meant to be an ongoing mode of experience in the fullness of resurrection power.

Apr 10, 2017

by Justin O'Shea

• (Mark 12:28-31, Romans 5:) Feelings have great value, but not when they are the primary directive for our lives. 

Apr 3, 2017

by Heidi Hughes

• (1 John 4:18-21) Fear is real. But when fear comes against us, we overcome by believing and resting in the love of the Holy Spirit, confident in His ability and commitment to protect us. 

Apr 3, 2017

by Jamie McLeod